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Aluminum foam strength

Aluminum foamed  is formed by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy through a foaming process, and has both metal and bubble characteristics. It has low density, high shock absorption ability, high temperature resistance, strong fire resistance, corrosion resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, strong weather resistance, filtering ability, easy processing, easy installation, and high forming accuracy , Surface coating can be carried out.



Aluminum foamed  is a new type of light metal material produced by aluminum alloy foaming. It has low density and high specific strength. It has many excellent properties such as sound absorption and sound insulation, energy absorption and cushioning, flame retardant and explosion-proof. It is widely used in military aerospace, rail transit, ship manufacturing, etc. Equipment field. Among the “Top Ten Most Potential New Materials in the Future” selected by foreign media, the aluminum foam material ranked sixth.



We can customize foam aluminum profiles with various apertures, thicknesses and requirements according to design requirements.


1. Performance characteristics

①  Lightweight: The density is 0.1-0.4 times that of metallic aluminum;


② High specific stiffness: its bending specific stiffness is 1.5 times that of steel;


③ High damping shock absorption performance and impact energy absorption rate: the damping performance is 5-10 times that of metal aluminum. Porosity When the aluminum foam with a rate of 84% is deformed by 50%, it can absorb more than 2.5MJ/cm3 of energy.


④ Good acoustic function: 1. Sound insulation performance (closed cell): When the sound wave frequency is between 800-4000HZ, The sound insulation coefficient of closed-cell aluminum foam is above 0.9. 2. Sound absorption performance (micro through holes and through holes): When the sound wave frequency is between 125—4000HZ, the maximum sound absorption coefficient of through-hole aluminum foam can reach 0.8, and the average sound absorption coefficient of the octave band exceeds 0.4.


⑤  Excellent electromagnetic shielding performance: when the electromagnetic wave frequency is between 2.6-18GHZ, the electromagnetic, the shielding amount can reach 60-90dB.


⑥ Good thermal properties: The thermal conductivity of closed-cell aluminum foam with a porosity of 80-90% is 0.3-1W/m#8226;k, equivalent to marble. The through-hole aluminum foam has good heat dissipation performance under forced convection conditions due to the interconnection of the pores.


⑦ does not burn and has good heat resistance. □Good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging, Non-toxic.

⑧ Easy to process: convenient for cutting, drilling, and cementing; it can be bent into the required shape by moulding; it can use organic or Inorganic paint is used for surface treatment; it can be skinned on both sides to form a large-size lightweight, high-rigidity board. Current regular size: 600x1200x5/10MM, 500x1000x5/10MM.

⑨ Easy to install: The aluminum foamed  material can be installed at a high place without mechanical lifting equipment, such as: ceiling sheds, walls and roofs, etc., can be connected and fixed by mechanical methods or directly with screws, or they can be pasted on the wall or ceiling with adhesives.

⑩ The “sandwich” structure formed by the thin metal plate-aluminum foam-the thin metal plate inherits the advantages of aluminum foam different properties and high bending strength, can be used as new building materials, high-rigidity structural parts of rolling stock, etc.

2. Structural features

  • The larger aperture is 0.3-7mm;
  • High and controllable porosity: 63%–90%;
  • The specific surface area is 10—45cm2/cm3;
  • Diversified cell structure; closed cell, through cell and micro through cell aluminum foam;
  • The composition and pore structure of the metal framework are controllable, which can adapt to different needs.


3. Scope of application

Sound absorption and sound insulation materials: aluminum foamed can be used for noise control of urban light rails, elevated highways, underground tunnels, mechanical equipment, and improvement of acoustic rooms, multi-function halls and other indoor sound effects. The sound-absorbing aluminum foam is glued to the concrete or steel structure and erected on both sides of viaducts and light rails as large-scale sound-absorbing walls, which can reduce urban traffic noise. Sound insulation aluminum foamed  can be used for noise isolation in factory computer rooms, machinery and equipment, and outdoor construction sites, and solves many limitations of the currently widely used sound-absorbing materials such as glass wool and asbestos.

4. Application areas

aluminum foamed can design the required comprehensive properties by changing its density and pore structure. This is the charm of this unique material. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields.


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