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Q: What is AFP (Aluminum Foam Panel)?

Aluminum foam is a new concept metal material which is foamed in sponge shape after melting aluminum ingot with various chemical ingredients and which has many pore cell inner struc.It is a cellular sttureructure consisting of solid aluminum which contains a large volume fraction of gas-filled pores. The pores can be scaled (closed cell foam), or they can form an interconnected network (open cell foam).

Q: What does open cell aluminum foam feature?

It features that every pore cell is interconnected inside and it also has good air ventilation while it absorbs sound. It has a wide variety of applications including heat exchangers (compact electronics cooling, cryogen tanks, and PCM heat exchangers), energy absorption, flow diffusion and light weight optics.

Q: What are some common applications of our AFP(pen-cell)?

Open-cell reticulated foam is especially useful in heat exchangers/sinks, high quality filters, porous electrodes, baffle structures, fluid flow stabilizers and cores for composite materials.

Q: What does closed cell aluminum foam feature?

The pores inside is sealed and blocked from each other. It features high stiffness. low weight (can float in water), and high energy absorption. Besides, we also can punch holes on the closed-cell AFP.

Q: What are the applications of AFP(closed-cell)?

The above-mentioned features cnable AFP (close-ell) to qualify for specific requirements within automotive, aviation, railway and engine building industry. It is also qualifying for other high potential applications in the field of architecture and design where electromagnetic shielding, structural damping, flame resistance, and a decorative surface structure are required.

Q: Why choose China Beihai Aluminum Foam Panel?

Our Aluminum foam panel is mainly used for sound insulation, sound proof, fireproof and waterproof. Besides, it features high strength, ultra-light, 100% eco- friendly and recyclable which makes our AFP superior to other similar products, such as honey- comb, etc. The above-mentioned advantages enable our AFP to qualify for some specific requirements such as railway,and engine building industry or some other architectures and designs exteriorly or interiorly.Our panels can be machined as easily as wood, using conventional techniques like sawing,drilling, etc. It also can be nailed, screwed, and bolted joint for ceiling, wall and flooring.

Q: What do we use to joint each other?

Cement or other usual construction materials, such as glue.

Q: What is the M0Q (minimum order quantity)?

The minimum order is 500m' .

Q: I'd like some samples, how can I get some?

Samples of our products are always available. Just write an email to us, our sales staff will get back to you and arrange for you ASAP.

Q: Are the samples free ?

Generally speaking, small samples are free of charge and we also shall pay the transportation fees at first time. However, if you need big samples, all the fees shall be borne on you, including sample fees, transportation fees, etc.

Q: Can l visit your factory?

No, we are not allowed our clients to visit our factory as our products are new patent products. But, we will let you see our showroom in Jiujiang.

Q: What is the difference of our AFP and honeycomb?

Honey-comb is totally different from our AFP and it can only be used for heat resistant. But our AFP can not only be used for heat resistant, but also for sound insulation, soundproof,fireproof and energy absorption.The density of honeycomb aluminum floor is higher than the ultra light porous aluminum foam floor because the aluminum section frame is needed for honeycomb aluminum floor sides but not for the ultra light porous aluminum foam sandwich board. It results the costs for the honeycomb aluminum floor is much higher. Furthermore, the ultra light porous aluminum foam sandwich board has much higher performance in mechanism strength, sound-proofing, shock absorption, heat- insulating than honeycomb aluminum.

Q: What is the difference of our Aluminum Foam floor with wooden floor?

The ultra-light porous aluminum foam floor is excellent in performance and cheap in unit area annually, thus the investment is a little bit higher.

Q: There are already some widely used acoustic materials, such as glass wool, asbesto,etc, why should i choose your Aluminum foam?

Compared with the materials widely used for sound absorbing such as glass wool,asbestos, the new material--- aluminum foam is characterized with high bending strength, self-supporting, high temperature resistance, innocuity, low moisture absorption. These advantages above make its vital role in sound proofing with space development.

Ultra light porous metal material is a suitable material to absorb noises from urban underground railway, light rail and public transport and to improve the sound effects in acoustic rooms, multi-purpose halls. Attached to concrete or steel structures and erected at the viaduct and overhead on both sides, it can serve as a large scale soundproofing wall, reducing traffic noise in the city; it also can be used in workshops, machinery equipment, outer doors construction site to absorb noise.