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Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier

Processing Technology of Metal Sound Barrier for Foam Aluminum Sound Barrier Manufacturer
The processing of metal sound barriers is not as simple as the photos. It also has its own processing and production process and technical research methods. The processing process of metal sound barriers is complicated, and each part has different technological processes:
1. Front panel technology of aluminum foam sound barrier
After material testing and material admission, the appearance quality certificate is required, which can only be obtained after passing the re-examination. Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier
Taking into account the bolt offset, design changes, and structural parts with sound barriers, the processing time length and the number of processed products of the front panel are accurately controlled in the microcomputer that records the relevant data into the front panel production line. After the installation of h-steel columns, the on-site distance measurement work size problems are analyzed and recorded, and numbered and sorted.
2. Processing technology of aluminum foam sound barrier rear panel
The computer of the back panel production line in the measurement data input area accurately controls the length and quantity of the processed panels, feeds the back panel, installs the hot-dip galvanized coil that has passed the retest on the uncoiler, starts the production line of the back panel enterprise, and installs the hot-dip galvanized coil. The coil is fed into a production line; the hot-dip galvanizing roll entering the production line is automatically controlled by a computer to punch the length of the galvanized sheet with a flat roll. The punched galvanized sheet is automatically rolled into a wave shape on the production line according to the requirements of design development; Professional injection molding is used for injection molding. Before pretreatment, phosphorus spraying, etc., the plastic powder needs to be a practical pure polyester material compared with the thickness of the plastic layer above 76um. The protective film and conveying layer are sprayed to avoid damage; check the length according to the design requirements of the back panel, width, surface roughness and scratches, and meet the requirements of the listed quantity.
3. Packaging of aluminum foam sound barrier
The sound-absorbing cotton and alkali-free water-repellent glass cloth are designed and cut respectively, and the material is put in, and then encapsulated. After a qualified inspection, it can be numbered, classified, graded, and marked with an induction mark. The sound-absorbing cotton is made of ultra-fine Centrifugal glass wool, the weight is 48kg/m3, the NRC exceeds 0.95, according to the actual measurement system data on the construction site. Aluminum Foam Sound Barrier
Fourth, the assembly of sound-absorbing panels
Set the rear lower side and rivets on the assembled frame placed on the rear panel, add sound absorption, put the packaged sound absorption cotton in by number, install the front panel, install the front panel with the number, fasten and fix with rivets, install Two side panels, fastened with rivets.
The inspection is to allow the inspector to check the length of the sound-absorbing panel, the width, quantity and surface of the wound, etc. After one passes the inspection, according to the number, the sound-absorbing panel code is arranged neatly with a special wooden tray and packaged uniformly.

Post time: Mar-24-2022