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Application of Foam Aluminum Sandwich Material in Building Explosion-Proof

Aluminum foam has many applications in buildings, and building explosion-proof materials are one of its important uses. For example, the steel plate foam aluminum composite explosion-proof layer can protect the frame structure column of the building, the sandwich panel made of foam aluminum and steel plate can be used as the protective door of the building, and the foam aluminum sandwich beam can be used to protect the engineering building, etc. Because aluminum foam is a new type of functional material, the development time is not long, but its excellent energy absorption and impact resistance determines that it will have a greater use in building explosion-proof. 


1. Preparation technology of foam aluminum sandwich material
Although aluminum foam has many advantages, its low strength limits its application. Foamed aluminum sandwich material is a composite of foamed aluminum core material and high-strength panel materials, such as steel plate and aluminum plate, so that the two can complement each other in structure and function. The foam aluminum used in building explosion-proof is mainly this material. There are many preparation methods for foamed aluminum sandwich materials, and there are two main categories: one is to connect the pre-fabricated aluminum foam to the panel material, such as gluing and welding; the other is to connect the panel material to the aluminum base The foamed powder is made into a preform, then heated and foamed, and after cooling, the foamed aluminum sandwich panel is obtained. In addition to these two types, there are some other methods being explored.
2. Application of foam aluminum sandwich panel in building explosion-proof
The foamed aluminum sandwich panel can absorb energy through plastic deformation under explosion or strong impact load. Compared with single-layer boards, it has higher quasi-static strength and higher anti-explosion performance. In recent years, due to the increase in explosions and terrorist attacks, foam aluminum sandwich panels have gradually attracted the attention of the academic community as a building explosion-proof material. , its anti-knock performance has also become a research hotspot. 
Foam aluminum sandwich panel is a potential building explosion-proof material, which can be used to protect key parts such as supporting columns, beams, and doors in buildings. Due to the high production cost of foamed aluminum sandwich panel materials and the explosion-proof mechanism to be studied, the current application of sandwich panels in building explosion-proof is still in the research stage. In the future, with the development of the preparation technology of foamed aluminum sandwich panels and the in-depth research on the explosion-proof mechanism, it will have broad prospects in the application of building explosion-proof. 

Post time: Mar-28-2022