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Aluminum foam highway sound insulation screen high speed aluminum foam sound insulation panel railroad elevated sound-absorbing panel

Aluminum foam is made by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy after foaming process, and it has both metal and bubble characteristics. It has small density, high impact absorption capacity, high temperature resistance, strong fireproof performance, corrosion resistance, sound and noise reduction, low thermal conductivity, high electromagnetic shielding, weather resistance, filtering ability, easy processing, easy installation, high forming accuracy, and surface coating, and is suitable for various fields, especially in transportation industry, aerospace industry and building structure industry.


We can use aluminum foam to make some listed products of metal sound barrier, such as.
1、Make highway sound barrier. Making sound barrier of elevated road and viaduct with aluminum foam acoustic panel can effectively reduce the low frequency noise generated by cars. The thickness of aluminum foam acoustic panel is 10mm, behind 60mm thick cavity, and the general total height is 2800mm, which can increase the noise reduction effect two times than ordinary louver acoustic panel sound barrier.
2、Noise reduction demand of highway tunnel or fully enclosed sound barrier. Adopt 10mm thick perforated aluminum foam acoustic plate to make highway and river bottom tunnel sound-absorbing and noise-reducing enclosure wall, and set 60mm thick cavity behind, which can effectively absorb low frequency noise generated by cars. Aluminum foam material does not absorb moisture, still maintain good sound absorption and noise reduction effect, and aluminum foam sidewalls can absorb impact kinetic energy and vibration waves, play a role in protecting the tunnel wall. Aluminum foam material does not corrode, does not burn, and is safe to use.
3、Make high speed railroad sound barrier. Make high-speed railroad sound barrier with a height of 2800mm, perforated aluminum foam sound-absorbing panel with a thickness of 10mm, 20mm thick air layer set behind, and galvanized steel plate behind. The inner side of the sound barrier is the bare surface of foam aluminum, which can absorb sound, and the whole wall can be soundproofed to achieve efficient noise reduction effect. The noise reduction function is not reduced after the foam aluminum is wetted by rain, and the foam aluminum absorbs energy and dampens vibration, so the rivets will not be loosened under the train passing through vibration, which is safe for a long time.
4、Make factory sound barrier sound barrier wall. Large equipment room unit operation will produce huge noise, and due to the concentration of equipment, resulting in electromagnetic radiation. Aluminum foam has the characteristics of noise reduction and electromagnetic wave radiation reduction, which can effectively improve the environment around and inside the equipment room and reduce noise and electromagnetic radiation pollution.

Post time: Mar-09-2023