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Aluminum foam production technology


Aluminum foamed is a high-quality porous metal foam material with many excellent properties such as light weight, breathability, sound absorption, heat insulation, shock absorption, non-combustion, and pollution-free. It can be used in lightweight structural materials, sound-absorbing materials, filter materials, construction Decorative materials, heat exchange materials, etc., have important applications in various industrial fields such as military industry and science and technology, construction, environmental protection, automobiles, energy, machinery, and chemical industries.The market prospects are very broad. 


Aluminum foamed can be produced by infiltration casting method and melt foaming method to obtain open-cell aluminum foam and closed-cell aluminum foam respectively. The open-cell aluminum foam has good sound absorption and transmission properties, and can be used as sound barriers in highways, urban elevated roads, urban light rails, overpasses and other occasions, and noise-absorbing components in various noise occasions. The closed-cell aluminum foam has the characteristics of light weight, good damping performance, sound insulation and electromagnetic shielding effect, etc., and can be used to manufacture lightweight structural parts, energy-absorbing components, electromagnetic shielding materials, etc. Such as vehicle floor, interior trim, compartment connection cushions, car bumpers, car frame fillers, sound insulation panels for multifunctional halls, karaoke halls, theaters, and partition walls for submarines and warships. 

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Post time: Nov-25-2021