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Amazing new material — What exactly is aluminum foam?

In recent years, new materials continue to pour out, constantly refresh people’s cognition. And there’s a new material that can be used outdoors, that can be curved, that can be used indoors, that can have color.


The new material is aluminum foam — a kind of building decoration material that combines the characteristics of metal and bubbles after the foaming process of pure aluminum or aluminum alloy with additives.

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So, what are the characteristics of aluminum foam? Today we will look at it


Width of 1220 mm

The longest length is 6 meters

Meet the requirements of large size, reduce the seam, more overall design.




Density of metal aluminum 0.1~0.4 times


Good malleability and plasticity

Convenient for cutting, drilling and cementing; After molding, it can be bent into the desired shape. The bending specific stiffness is 1.5 times that of steel

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High damping damping performance

Impact energy absorption rate

Good acoustics –

With super sound absorption and noise reduction function, the maximum sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.8


Good thermal performance:

Good thermal insulation performance, closed aluminum foam insulation effect and marble

Non – flammable and good heat resistance

Good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, low moisture absorption, no aging

Indoor applications do not change color. Outdoor rain wash can be

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Post time: Sep-30-2021