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The most potential new material aluminum foam-use holes to change the world! 

Since the middle of the 20th century, countries around the world have rushed into the research and development of porous metal foams. At the same time, various preparation processes have been proposed one after another. According to different applications and different structural requirements, the preparation processes used are also different. 


Because aluminum foam materials reflect the new trend of inter-permeability of structural materials and functional materials in multiple disciplines, they have shown a wide range of spaces in the academic field, and have broad application prospects in high-tech fields and general industrial fields. Frontier hot spot materials for competing research in Japan, Germany and China. 


So far, the research on the aluminum foam industry has been nearly 70 years. Through these decades of research, how is the development of the global aluminum foam industry? The research on aluminum foam in China started late. Has it come from behind? 

1、 Introduction to aluminum foam

Aluminum foam is made by adding additives to pure aluminum or aluminum alloy through a foaming process. At the same time, it has the characteristics of metal and bubbles. It is a new type of functional material that integrates structure and performance.


Aluminum foam performance


The density is 0.2~0.4g/cm3, which is about 1/10 of the density of aluminum, 1/20 of the density of titanium, 1/30 of the density of steel, 1/30 of the density of steel, and 1/3 of the density of wood.

Sound absorption

Aluminum foam can absorb the energy of sound through the vibration of the pore wall to muffle the sound. Remove noise.

Heat resistance

It has high heat resistance. Generally, the melting temperature of aluminum alloy is about 560·700°C. Single aluminum foam does not dissolve even if heated to 1400°C, and it does not release harmful gases at high temperatures.

Electromagnetic wave shielding

Aluminum foam has a good shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which can reduce electromagnetic interference by more than 80%.

2、Aluminum foam products


Aluminum foam sheet


Aluminum foam sandwich composite panel


Aluminum foam special-shaped parts

3、Aluminum foam application and industrial chain

Aluminum foam is widely used in the construction industry, aerospace industry, machinery manufacturing industry, automobile manufacturing industry and so on.



Aluminum Foam Industry Chain


Bauxite, coke, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, etc.


Aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy cast rods,aluminum foam


Construction industry, machinery industry, aerospace, transportation, marine ships.

4、the development status and trend of aluminum foam


Development status

The research on aluminum foam is earlier in the world, and it has been widely used in industrial practice in the United States, Japan, Canada and other countries. The research and development of aluminum foam in my country started relatively late. Although certain research results have been obtained and industrialized, it has been compared with developed countries. Compared with industrialization level and scale, there is still a big gap.

Direction of development

Further improve the foaming mechanism and theoretical system of aluminum foam;

Research low-cost, simple, reliable and stablealuminum foam production process;

Further solve the problem of uniform pores in aluminum foam;

Further expand the application range of aluminum foam and expand its application fields.

Post time: Nov-10-2021