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What are the factors affecting the sound absorption and noise reduction effect of the new aluminum foam material

Aluminum foam new material comprehensive noise reduction coefficient reaches 0.75, 250 ~ 1000Hz medium frequency band sound absorption coefficient reaches more than 0.9, far more than rock wool, gypsum board, perforated metal plate and other common sound-absorbing materials, its sound insulation and noise reduction comprehensive ability is polyurethane foam, glass fiber, honeycomb aluminum 7-10 times, applied to high-speed trains, car box plate its sound insulation amount is close to 30dB. aluminum foam new material With its superior sound absorption and noise reduction and related performance is used in more and more fields, mainly concentrated in highway sound barrier, highway tunnel noise reduction, submarine tunnel noise reduction, tunnel vent; acoustic wall of swimming pool; aluminum foam new material making building acoustic lining, such as recording room, dubbing room, concert hall, conference hall, sports stadium, etc.


The main influencing factors of the sound absorption and noise reduction effect of aluminum foam new materials are as follows.
1, aluminum foam new material belongs to porous material, its sound absorption performance for high frequency sound is more obvious, that is to say, in the high frequency area absorption coefficient is large. And for low frequency sound absorption effect is not very ideal, so in the low frequency region absorption coefficient is small.
2, foam aluminum new material made of sound-absorbing panels material thickness is different, the sound absorption frequency is not the same, the thickness of the increase, the frequency of sound absorption will be to absorb low frequency direction. However, when the frequency of the sound is greater than 500Hz, at this time the sound absorption coefficient of aluminum foam new material has nothing to do with the thickness.
3, when the density of aluminum foam new material increases, this time the frequency of sound absorption will also develop to low frequency sound, and the size of the pores of aluminum foam new material, how much the sound absorption performance of the sound-absorbing panel also has a significantly different embodiment.
In short, the choice of aluminum foam new material is different, such as thickness, density, pores and other different, reflecting the sound absorption effect will be different, no matter how to choose the aluminum foam new material, fit their own situation is more effective.

Post time: Mar-15-2023