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What are the advantages of the new material of aluminum foam in the structural industry application

Aluminum foam new material is a new type of lightweight functional-structural integrated material made of aluminum or aluminum alloy matrix and pore composite, this special structure of aluminum foam new material determines its light weight, high porosity, high specific surface area and other characteristics, so as to obtain many dense metal does not have excellent characteristics, such as strong energy absorption, impact resistance, high specific strength, electromagnetic shielding, sound absorption properties, high damping The properties of new aluminum foam materials are mainly based on the properties of aluminum foam. The performance of aluminum foam new materials mainly depends on porosity, pore size, through-hole ratio, pore structure type, specific surface area and other pore structure parameters and the metal matrix.

Aluminum Foam Panel

The application of aluminum foam as a structural material, due to the existence of a large number of pores inside the aluminum foam, so that it has a light weight and high specific strength characteristics and become a more ideal lightweight composite sandwich panel or sandwich tube filling material. Aluminum foam filler can effectively improve the deformation mode of composite panels under static and dynamic loads, so that its bending strength, compressive strength, stiffness and energy absorption properties have been greatly improved. Compared with the traditional honeycomb sandwich material, the new aluminum foam material has higher performance, better formability, and overcomes the shortcomings of anisotropy of honeycomb sandwich material. By replacing expensive honeycomb sandwich materials with new aluminum foam materials, the cost can be significantly reduced while obtaining higher performance. In the construction industry, aluminum foam or other foam metals can be made into light, rigid, fire-resistant elements, railings or supports, such as modern elevators with high-frequency and high-speed acceleration and deceleration, especially need to have both energy-absorbing and load-bearing properties of lightweight foam metal materials to reduce energy consumption.
Compared with dense metal materials, aluminum foam new materials can be applied as both functional and structural materials, while in general aluminum foam new materials have both functional and structural roles, and are durable and easy to recycle, making it a great prospect for industrial, military, aerospace and construction applications.

Post time: May-04-2023