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Aluminum foam can composite with different materials,such as Al-sheet, marble, FRP panel, PVC film, now is very hot use in furniture.If you need this material, please inform us the thickness of aluminum foam panel and thickness of the composite material.

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Composite panel of Aluminum Foam with marble which is a heavy natural stone cut into 3mm thin layer, processed and combined with ultralight foamed aluminum.  It's not only maintains panel's solidity but also the weight of our stone is ultralight, so that it could easily be used in a wide range of environment such as interior, exterior, container(train), yacht or cruise ship cabin, elevator material, furniture and materials for remodeling old buildings.

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Aluminum foam can composite with different materials,such as Al-sheet, marble, FRP panel, PVC film, now is very hot use in furniture.If you need this material, please inform us the thickness of aluminum foam panel and thickness of the composite material.

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Product Features

Composite panel of Aluminum Foam with marble is Light weight, high strength, high flatness, soundproof, thermal insulation, strong earthquake resistance, fireproof, chemical anti-corrosion, weather resistance, easy installation, etc.

All our aluminum foam products characterize

Ultra-light/low weight

Excellent acoustic performance(sound insulation or absorption)

Fire resistant/ fireproof

Excellent electromagnetic wave shielding ability

Good buffering effect

Low thermal conductivity

Easy to process

Easy installation

Beautiful decorative material

Can be composited with other materials(eg. marble, aluminum sheets, etc)

100% eco-friendly

Fully recyclable 

Product Size







V: max1600

H: max1000

Marble 3mm Aluminum Foam 6mm



Marble 3(5mm) Aluminum Foam 6(9mm)

Art wall

As to Design



Foam aluminum panel products are generally packed in carton or wooden boxes.

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It can be used in the following places to control reverberation time effectively: libraries, meeting-rooms, theatres, studios, KTV, stadiums, natatoriums, subway stations, waiting rooms, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, show rooms, wireless houses, computer houses and so on.

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1.MOQ: 100m²

2.Delivery time: around 20days after confirm order.

3.Payment term: T/T 50% deposit in advance, 50% balance before shipment date.

4.Free samples for checking and testing.

5.Online service 24hours.

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