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Closed Cell Aluminum Foam Panel

Short Description:

Aluminum Foam is a new type of structural functional materials with a variety of excellent properties. According to the pore structure, the aluminum foam can be divided into closed-cell aluminum foam and open-cell aluminum foam, the former each hole is not connected; the latter hole connected with each other.

Product Detail

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Product Specifications

Closed-cell Aluminum Foam Panel

Basic Feature

Chemical Composition

Over 97% Aluminum

Cell Type




Acoustic Feature

Acoustic absorption Coefficient

NRC 0.70~0.75

Mechanical Feature

Tensile strength


Compressive strength


Thermal Feature

Thermal conductivity


Melting point

Approx. 780℃

Extra Feature

Electromagnetic waves shielding ability

Over 90dB

Salt Spray test

No Corrosion

Product Features

As the Aluminum Foam products with light weight, high sound absorption, high shock absorption, high absorption of impact energy, high electromagnetic shielding performance, excellent heat insulation, high temperature, fire resistance, with unique environmental friendliness and other special properties.

Mechanical Performance Data Sheet

Density (g/cm3)

Compressive Strength (Mpa)

Bending Strength (Mpa)

Energy Absorption (KJ/M3)































(1) Engineering and Construction Industry

Aluminium foam panels can be used as sound absorbing materials in railway tunnels, under highway bridges or inside/outside of buildings due to their excellent acoustic insulation.

(2) Automotive, Aviation and Railway Industry

Aluminium foams can be used in vehicles to increase sound dampening, reduce the weight of the automobile, and increase energy absorption in case of crashes.

(3) Architectural and Design Industry

Aluminium foam panels can be used as decorative panels on walls and ceilings, giving a unique appearance having a metallic lustre.

They are Easy, Safe and Simple to install without mechanical lifting equipment. Perfect for working at heights, for example ceilings, walls and roofs. 


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