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AFP with punched holes

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Aluminum foam panel with punched holes, which is fireproof, ultralight, thermal insulation, anti-corrive, electromagnetic wave shielding, 100% eco-friendly & recyclable , sound absorption , etc.

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In order to reach best sound absorption effect in outdoor, highway, railway,etc., we have developed a special processed AFP . Punch holes regularly on the AFP as a proportion of 1%-3%,with excellent sound absorption performance and high sound absorption rate. Sound insulation board made of foam aluminum sandwich board, 20mm thick, sound insulation 20 ~ 40dB. The sound absorption rate measured by the standing wave method is 40% ~ 80% in the range of 1000Hz to 2000Hz.This special AFP has greatly improved sound absortion capacity. Aluminum foam panel with punched holes, which is fireproof, ultralight, thermal insulation, anti-corrive, electromagnetic wave shielding, 100% eco-friendly & recyclable, etc.

Product Specifications

Closed-Cell Aluminum Foam with Punched Holes
Density: 0.25g/cm³ ~ 0.75g/cm³
Porosity: 75% ~ 90%
Aperture: uniform distribution of 1-10mm, the main aperture 4-8mm
Compressive strength: 3Mpa ~ 17Mpa
Bending strength: 3Mpa ~ 15Mpa
Specific strength: withstand the mass can reach more than 60 times of the weight;  Refractory performance does not burn, does not produce toxic gas; Corrosion resistance, long service life.
Product specifications: 2400mm*800mm*H or customized production according to customer requirements

Product Features

Aluminum foam panel with punched holes, which is fireproof, ultralight, thermal insulation, anti-corrive, electromagnetic wave shielding, 100% eco-friendly & recyclable , sound absorption , etc.



It can be used in the following places: urban tracks and traffic line, overhead roads, railway roads, cloverleaf intersections, cooling towers, outdoors high voltage direct current converter stations, and concrete mixing sites and so on. And it can conduct sound-shielding function by sucking in sound, isolating sound, and eliminating sound to equipment like diesel engines, generators, electric motors, freezers, air compressors, ustulation hammers, and blowers and so on.


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