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Nickel Foam

Short Description:

Foamed Nickel Panel information as below:

Basic Specification

1. Number of pores per inch(PPI): 5—120

2. Density(g/cm³):0.15—0.45

3. Thickness: 0.5– 30mm

4. Porosity: 90%– 99.9%

5. Standard size: 500*500mm; 500*1000mm;Larger size should be discussed in advance

Product Detail

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Product Description

Porous metal foam is a new type of porous structure metal material with a certain number and size pore size and a certain porosity. The material has the characteristics of small bulk density, large specific surface area, good energy absorption, high specific strength and specific rigidity. The through-hole body has strong heat exchange and heat dissipation capabilities, good sound absorption performance, and excellent permeability and permeability. Foam metal with different parameters and indicators can be adapted to a variety of different functional and structural uses, and can have both functional and structural attributes.


Product Specifications

Continuous Nickel Foam


≥ 99%


≥ 95%

Pore Size

75PPI to 130PPI


(0.5 to 2.5) ± 0.05 mm

Areal density

(280 to 1500)±30g/m²

Tensile Strength

Longitudinal ≥ 1.25N/mm²

Transverse≥ 1.00N/mm²


Longitudinal≥ 5%

Horizontal ≥ 12%

Maximum width


Nickel Foam Sheet

Pore Size

5PPI to 80PPI


0.15g/m3 to 0.45g.cm³


90% to 98%


5mm to 20mm

Maximum width

500mm x 1000mm

Product Feature

1 ) Nickel foam has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal heat can be widely used in electrical / electrical and electronic components.

2 ) Nickel foam because of its excellent electrical conductivity, and its application in the electrode material nickel-zinc batteries and electric double layer capacitor is also the industry 's attention is being.

3 ) Due to the structure and properties of copper foam harmless to human basic characteristics of copper foam is an excellent medicine and water purification filter material filter material.




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